New site to check NECO result is Buy Airtime, Data, Pay DsTv/GoTv Sub, Electricity etc.

If you made a successful payment and no PIN was given or ewallet was not funded, please do not panic, it may have been caused by a network issue or a glitch on the server. It can be resolved in less than a minute.

*First you need to take note of the Transaction I.D while making any Payments or purchases. The Transaction I.D starts with letter A (e.g Axxxxxxxxxxx).

Please note that the Account Number on Flutterwave or Paystack Transfer Option is not a permanent account number, it is only a virtual and one time account number that expires after every transaction, please do not save it or try to use it later. Always start a fresh transaction from the beginning.

If you are using Transfer option, please ensure that you transfer the exact amount being displayed on Paystack and Flutterwave page. Do not transfer more or less, otherwise the payment will fail and you maybe debited by your bank.

NB: Paystack adds extra N100 if the TOTAL AMOUNT is N2500 or above, so use Flutterwave to avoid this charge.
After payment either by Transfer or by ATM Card, etc, do not close the page in a hurry, allow the server some time to generate the requested PIN.
Using Your ATM CARD remains the most reliable and fastest option.

If you did the right thing and later encounter any issue after payment, kindly use our Self- Service option to resolve it in less than a minute: VERIFY PAYMENT.


  • You can find this link on the Menu list of the site. You can find VERIFY PAYMENT on the left hand side of the website if you are using a computer or if you are using phone among the list of links before the card images.
  • To start, enter the date of transaction and your email in the format indicated. (dd/mm/yyyy e.g 01/10/2022) and SEARCH.
  • Your Purchased PINs for that date will be displayed here, if the PINs did not display, scroll down to start the payment verification process.
  • Then click on “Check” and click on “Get Transaction Status” and follow the screen instructions by clicking ok on the pop-ups.
  • After the last pop-up click on “Get Transaction Status” again to view PINs or fund your wallet.
  • If nothing happens, it simply means the transaction was not completed.

For Further Support please Contact Us Via


Whatsapp: 08037409999